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PULS-R DOUBLES battery life and can more than triple the power storage capacity…


Independent verification test results of a PULS-R 12v on a lead acid battery by MIRA conclusively proved fitting PULS-R can:

Increase your battery capacity by up to 340%

Increase battery lifespan by at least 100%

Faster battery recharging times

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Think of it as a cardio vascular workout for your battery

Just as regular exercise will increase your life expectancy and capacity for physical activities, so it is for lead acid batteries.

PULS-R works in a way that actively keeps your lead acid battery fit.

Lead acid batteries store energy by a chemical reaction between lead, lead dioxide and sulphuric acid (liquid or gel). After a period of time through the ordinary cycle of charge and discharge, lead sulphate crystals form on the electrodes, reducing the capacity accept and hold charge thus prematurely ending the service life of the battery.

PULS-R uses patented Crystal Control Technology®

The unique patented Crystal Control Technology® (CCT and its intellectual property of WaveTech) dramatically reduces the build up of the suffocating lead sulphate crystals. It also contributes to a stronger lead dioxide structure on the positive battery electrode.The PULS-R dynamic microcontrolled management gives your battery the equivalent to a full physical workout every time it is charged. Want to know more about how it works?

 If you use lead acid batteries fitting PULS-R will give you:

  Increased performance - fewer charging cycles and a longer service life

  Reduced costs - spend less on buying replacement batteries

  Less hassle - spend less time changing & disposing of dead batteries


PULS-R can even restore older batteries

PULS-R can even restore older batteries when used in conjunction with a charger providing there is no mechanical damage to the electrodes.

If you use a Lead Acid, Gel Lead Acid or AGM Batteries in any of the following applications - we can help you reduce costs , save time and shrink your carbon footprint. 

Marine Applications

Sail Leisure
Power Leisure
Commercial Shipping
Commercial Ports
Ministry of Defence



FREE 12v Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning and Maintenance Step-by-Step Guide
FREE 12v Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning and Maintenance Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to save money and recondition or maintain your lead acid battery without using PULS-R then download this FREE Step-by-Step Guide now.

PULS-R Free Trial Offer
PULS-R Free Trial Offer

If you use 12v batteries and want to take part in a FREE commercial trial using PULS-R then let us have your details

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